I'll be Peter Pan
извините, я не создан для серьезной жизни
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Mélanie Laurent - Vogue (January 2013)

Mélanie Laurent - Vogue (January 2013)

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主人公受け詰め合わせ by あのあれ

主人公受け詰め合わせ by あのあれ

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Get To Know Me Meme || Current Celebrity Crushes [5/5] || Luke Newberry 

"You don’t have to be alone. There are people out there who you can talk to. Don’t suffer in silence."

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I'm not fighting for Shepard.
I'm not fighting for anyone. 
I'm fighting because that's what I was made for. 

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cumbert asked:
spock with a note "hug me" on his forehead?



spock has no idea

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Favorite movies of all time: Dead Poets Society (1989)
In my class, you will learn to think for yourselves again. You will learn to savor words and languages. No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.

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